Chapter 1 : Appetizer

Here's the first chapter of the network security book I'm writing. You may follow the link and read the pdf on google drive, or scroll down a bit and read the embedded pdf.

Network Security For Humans : Chapter 1

The contents of the first chapter

I'm embedding the book below, for direct viewing.

First draft of the book, unpolished and raw, for those interested in seeing how bad I am at cracking jokes.

First Draft

Also, for those of you who are curious, I'm using Latex for writing the book, and the experience has been pretty good so far.


Add exercises. Improve my sense of humour.

Leave behind your comments, let me know whether you liked the style of writing, and would you like to read more of this. Any feedback/suggestions are welcome too.

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  1. I loved this, especially how you laid the groundwork for a lot of stuff without using any technical terms!

    Looking forward to a lot more of this!

  2. Cool boss... I shall follow you to the origin of this universe. that is till chapter 20.

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